What We Raise

The sad fact is the outlook for patients with brain cancer have not improved in contrast to many other types of cancer. We seem to have reached the limit of what current treatment can offer and only research will provide us answers. Everything that is raised from the Brain Ball is directed to vital brain cancer research.

Associate Professor Misty Jenkins AO, Laboratory Head at WEHI and Joint Head of Research Strategy at The Brain Cancer Centre
Emily, Nads and Kel with A/Prof Misty Jenkins

Research & Funding

Research is long, time-consuming and it is very expensive. There are a variety of sources to fund projects. Together scientists, clinicians and patient advocacy groups apply to the government to secure funding for their research.

Securing funding from the government for medical research is hugely competitive and assessed on “impact.” Rare diseases such as brain cancer often doesn’t get the funding it needs. It is a burden to researchers continually putting together applications to try and fund the research- they should be using their time to do the research!

This event, is our small way to try and help.


This event has raised over $ 0 + for brain cancer research.

At the inaugural Brain Ball in May of 2022, we raised in excess of $50,000 with all funds directed to the Alfred Hospitals’ Brain Tumour bio-databank. A powerful resource and infrastructure that supports and facilitates research. At this time, samples were being used by the Sydney Children’s Network, Professor Ron Firestein’s lab at the Hudson and Monash University scientists who were testing a novel drug in the lab to stop tumour growth in aggressive brain tumours.  


In October 2023 we also raised in excess of $50,000 for the Brain Cancer Centre. The Brain Cancer Centre supports over 60 researchers across 16 leading hospitals, universities & research institutes all over Australia working collaboratively to change the future for brain cancer patients.

The money went to the BRAIN Registry  led by Dr Lucy Gately (Medical Oncologist and Researcher). This project collates comprehensive clinical data on patients diagnosed with brain cancer in Australia. This registry is vital to improve our understanding of how patient’s respond to treatment. From this data, researchers have opened the world’s first neuro-oncology registry trial in Australia.


The Brain Ball 2024 raised over $85,000 for the The Brain Cancer Centre. They support 60 researchers across 16 institutions all over Australia working collaboratively to change the future for brain cancer patients.

The money went to work led by Professor Andrew Morokoff (Neurosurgeon and Researcher) who spoke on the evening. His project aims to discover brain cancer biomarkers using a blood test (known as a “liquid biopsy”) to help treating clinicians understand the tumour better and predict how it will behave. Having this knowledge will enable more targeted and personalised therapies to try and improve prognosis. Read more here: https://www.thebraincancercentre.org.au/our-research/ 

Where money is directed is a decision made by the committee. Each year the team work closely with the chosen charity.

If you want further information, please email: [email protected]

Let's make a change, learn how can help.

Dr Heidi McAlpine (Neurosurgeon Trainee and Researcher), Dr Lucy Gately (Medical Oncologist and Researcher), Associate Professor Misty Jenkins (AO Laboratory Head at WEHI and Joint Head of Research Strategy) at The Brain Cancer Centre and Dr Sarah Best (Scientist and Laboratory Head at WEHI Institute) at The Brain Cancer Centre.

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