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Where we started...

The Brain Ball started in early 2021. Emily (being a Registered Nurse) would always talk to her best friend, Jessie about her work in brain cancer. The patients, their poor outcomes, the vital research and the lack of funding. Jessie wanted to help and suggested “Let’s have a fundraising ball!” And, together they created the Brain Ball.

Off they went to do their homework…They visited neurosurgeons in theatre and scientists in the lab to see the experiments being conducted in this field. Additionally, set up all mandatory requirements to manage a fundraising event.

Nadine heard about the event plans and reached out to get involved because of her personal connection to this cause – The loss of her father, the late John Udorovic QC, to brain cancer.

To have a great night, for a great cause.

In 2022, Jacque & Kelly joined the team due to their personal connections to this cause. Jacque (pictured) is Nadine’s sister-in-law and Josh Udorovic’s wife. She felt the family’s devastation when losing father-in-law John, to brain cancer.

Kelly had her world turn upside down when her husband, Toby was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2021. They have been an amazing addition for the cause and Toby bravely shared his heartfelt and powerful story at the 2023 event.

Now held annually and expanding each year, the Brain Ball is their way of creating hope. This event is designed to raise awareness and funding for much-needed brain cancer research. To have a great night, for a great cause.

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Dr Heidi McAlpine (Neurosurgeon Trainee and Researcher), Dr Lucy Gately (Medical Oncologist and Researcher), Associate Professor Misty Jenkins (AO Laboratory Head at WEHI and Joint Head of Research Strategy) at The Brain Cancer Centre and Dr Sarah Best (Scientist and Laboratory Head at WEHI Institute) at The Brain Cancer Centre.

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